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Supporting musicians in Polish market we share with you job offer for musicians! Enjoy 🙂


LA FOLIE DOUCE TEAM IS HIRING DANCERS, SINGERS, MUSICIANS AND PERFORMERS for 2016/2017 winter season, summer season, and tours in France and abroad.
LA FOLIE DOUCE (France) is an innovative restaurant and Après-Ski group mixing restoration and open-air clubbing at the top of the slopes. The concept is expanding in summer resorts in seaside resorts.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJbNNZhXKvVLJMdb1sACwIQ  https://www.instagram.com/foliedoucevaldisere/?hl=fr
LA FOLIE DOUCE Team manages the artistic team of LA FOLIE DOUCE.

LA FOLIE DOUCE Team is now hiring male and female dancers, singers, violinists, versatile musicians and performers in Europe (Portugal, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia) for the 2016/2017winter season in Val d’Isère, summer season and tours in France and abroad.
Please send your resumes with pictures and video/audio links to the following address:  louise@lafoliedouce.com
The dates and places of the casting and audition will be communicated by email shortly.
Necessary skills :

– Professional experience : 3 years minimum
– Confirmed knowledge in electronic and jazz music
– Notions of acting, theatre, musical
– Notions of dancing, self-expression through movement
– Stage experience would be a plus
– Fluent English is compulsory

Technical skills :

– Good appreciation and sense of rhythm
– Ease to improvise
– Ability to play solo or in group
– Improvise and play on electro music